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I am a tactless sort of person. I am also someone who has years of experience in IT.

I feel for you - regardless of whether you are an intern or a Full time employee.

Your manager / or the individual who has asked you to accomplish this task is at fault - not you. He or she has asked you to build the equivilent of a multi-story building with elevators in accordance with the relevant safety codes associated with the building. You can understand building a chair or table out of wood.

A KEDB is not something that can created from scratch. There are an incalcuable number of variables that have to be determined - some of which have to be decided before hand.. some while in progress.

The reason I posted what I posted is that while you have come here for answers, none of the answers that any one of us will give will actually help you in developing a workable KEDB.

Even I wih my vast years of experience have issues with developing a workable KEDB for use in my environment.

If I with 36 years in IT, 10+ in IT Service Management would find this difficult ... how do you think you would find the task ?

In addition, this is a discussion site... this is not a consulting site. Any one of us can post what we want about any subject - regardless of the level of knowledge about that subject - and we are no held liable - neither legally, professional or ethically. We offer you our opinion on what you should / could may do. However, it is your responsibility as to what you decide to do and any impact thereof - positive or otherwise - solely rests with you.

Howeve, if you pay for my expertise or someone else's in this forum, then there is a different level of expectation on your part and responibility on our part = both professionally and legally

I am NOT condemning you nor should it seem that way. I am however condemning your management for asking beyond the impossible from someone

I personally can use a hammer, nails and wood. I can attach two pieces of wood together using the said tools; however, I dont have the skills to build a table, chair or anything beyond two pieces of wood together.

Any management type who assigns me to build a house and expects it to be built by myself - directly or indirectly - is an incompentent ass who has no business doing such a thing.

I do however wish you luck finding out how difficult a KEDB is and its purpose in a IT Service Management environment

John Hardesty
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