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Sun Nov 22, 2009 6:46 pm

Hello there, this is my first post and I'm a total beginner with ITIL but I'm quite interested.

I'm a Spanish computer engineer with 2,5 years of experience , for now I´m still improving my technical skills but I want to begin to get some management skills and I think that ITIL can be my firtst step.

Is it posible to pass the first level of ITIL by studying on my own? are there enough resources on the internet ?, I saw several books on amazon which are helpful (according to the commentaries), which is/are the best one/s?


PD: I'm sorry for my multiple questions and my poor English, but any help is welcome.

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Sun Nov 22, 2009 10:52 pm

pay the money and go on a 3 day foundations course. better yet, get your employer to pay.

that aside, just buy an ITIL pocket book. about 15 euros. just to get familiar with some of the terminology.
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Mon Nov 23, 2009 4:34 am

Hey alero,

Yes it is possible to pass the foundation on your own its not that hard. You can find some ITIL books in spanish version if you like. Just google it. Or you can do what Tom said and take the 3 day course which is the easier option.
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Mon Nov 23, 2009 4:57 am

The itil books are available in spanish

check the itsmf *(country) web site
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Mon Nov 23, 2009 11:16 am

The only thing I would like to add to Tom's suggestion for taking the course. While you definitely can study on your own and easily pass the exam, I find that class room method of studying provides you with a much better idea of the overall ITIL framework, and allows you to relate it to your own work place or experience through discussions and examples. ITIL books are extremely, I mean EXTREMELY, boring thus having the material presented and discussed in class gives your brain a much welcome break and allows it to switch gears to better absorb the content.

Most of the employers wouldn't fuss much for paying the foundations level training.
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