What's your take-away from the ITIL v4 Foundations Course

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Corde Wagner
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Mon Feb 25, 2019 12:12 am

I just completed the ITIL v4 Foundations course, and having been an ITIL practitioner since 2005 (ITIL v2), I'm finding a lot of great improvements and more than a few "take aways" in this new version.

One take-away for me, and why I find ITIL v4 important, is what I consider an 'evolution' of ITIL processes. When I started with ITIL v2, individual processes was the focus and interfaces and alignment wasn't part of the Foundations course. In v3 I truly appreciated the service life-cycle and the effort to bring to light interfaces and alignment between the processes. I feel they got it right v4 with the introduction of practices and the migration away from what was still largely individual processes.

ITIL v4 defines a "practices" as "set of organizational resources designed for performing work or accomplishing an objective".

If you have been a process practitioner, you likely already know that simply having a defined and documented process wasn't enough for it to "run itself", processes also required people (and ideally technology) for it to be most effective. So we can staff and manage services efficiently, it makes a lot more sense to consider all that it takes to perform incident management as a "practice" (as it's defined in v4) than to consider it just "a process" (a set of interrelated activities and which define a sequence of actions".

That's how I see it, how about you? If you have taken ITIL v4 Foundations, what's your #1 take away from the course?

Corde Wagner
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Mon May 20, 2019 4:51 am


I only had taken the v3 foundation back in 2014 but I share the same feeling that v4 gives a nice improvement over the whole service value concept.
I feel that the guiding principles are something that can be applied in any project environment, while v3 was more focused on the ITSM.
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