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Wed Dec 16, 2009 5:10 am

1, I looked at the contents of the Foundation, mainly including ITSM Overview, ITIL Overview, Service Support and Delivery the four parts, from where access to relevant information or material (rather than a brief introduction);
2, a lot of heroes that the test does not require training for Foundation, I would like to ask whether it really the case?
3, with the Foundation in this certification, career development path is really to expand and maintain it? Oh, looks like the demand is not very strong


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Wed Dec 16, 2009 5:54 am

1. you can read the full ITIL manuals. There are only about five and I here they are a joy to read :twisted:

2. The foundation qualification does not require that you are trained by an accredited training organization. That does not mean that you will necessarily find it possible without some formal or informal guidance. That would depend on your experience and aptitude.

3. Progress in a career in the field of IT service management depends somewhat on experience and a sound understanding of IT service management The foundation certificate largely (as I understand it) shows evidence of being able to memorise concepts and their relationships to one another, with perhaps a hint of understanding things at a simple level. Some organizations insist on you having this qualification and therefore it can be of some advantage but it is not sufficient on its own to get you such a job. The other reason for taking it is to entitle you to study the "real" subjectsfor the more advanced qualifications.
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