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Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:41 pm

ITIL intermediate certification training appear to be very expensive. It is mandatory for one to attend training to get minimum hours of training. The cost of book and the course comes to approximately 500 Euros, per certification. In order to clear intermediate level, we have to pass atleast 5 certifications (either from Capacity modules or from Service Life cycle module or mixed). That means we have to spend minimum of 2500 Euros. Why the training is necessary. The people who are in IT service field for more than a decade, will have working experience. Is it not sufficient to read the book and write certification exams ?.

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Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:13 am


You have come to the realization that all those who hold V2 are saying about V3.

A money making scheme for the Training companies

welcome to the world of ITIL v3
John Hardesty
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I wish that it were. It is a money making scheme for APMG, who get paid for every exam sat - pass or fail - with minimal overheads due to the nature of the exam (Multiple choice)
It is a money making scheme for the examination institutes suchas ISEB, as they pocket the certification fees for each course a training company wants to teach (nearly £2K for each one)
It is a huge cost to the training companies, especially the samall, specialist ones, as we pay out this certification fee for every course (having spent weeks writing it), and pay to sit it ourselves, with no guarantee that anyone will ever book a place.
This is due to the overly-complex examination structure, and poor marketing job done by ...APMG!
Many small companies have gone bust, or dropped training from their activities due to this. I would always recommend a classroom course, but I agree, it should not be compulsory.
(Actually, you can do self-study, but only by buying an accredited distance learning course - Catch 22)
Liz Gallacher,
Accredited ITIL and ISO/IEC20000 Trainer and Consultant - Freelance
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