7 step improvement process - Only one cycle, or multiple?

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Mon May 26, 2014 4:09 pm

I have a school assignement, where I'm supposed to explain the 7 Step Improvement Process.
However, there are some things I'm not really sure about, so I'll ask here, and hopefully someone can help me. I have tried search the web, but there is this one thing I'm not really sure about, and can't find a straight answer.

It's supposed to be run more than once, it's supposed to run over and over. However, when we have been through the seven steps the first time, is it supposed to be run right away, with the same criteria, or do you use some other critera, and then go back to those that were first ? I mean do you typically have a couple of cycles that are changed between... like .. First we run cycle 1, then cycle 2 .. cycle 3 .. and then back to cycle 1. Or do you run the same cycle over and over ?

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