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Hi all,

Does anyone know, what are the configuration items inside an application? I mean could we condider forms and resports as configuration items? I am going to make a list of Configuration Items of our application, but couldn't find any reference? What I know is Software, Hardware Process, Douments in general, but in order to have a change process for an aplication based on ITIL, I should provide a list of CI inside the application.

Thank you so much for any comment.


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Not sure about this. Maybe because I'm rusty.
Are you talking about outputs? Your context isn't clear to me. In most cases Service Management would only be interested in components of service provision. Things inside an application don't generally constitute elements of service provision and even when they do (such as triggering other actions/applications) they tend to be aspects of the application rather than the service.

Why would Service Management have responsibility for them?
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In general Configuration Items are list of all resources and capabilities of the Service .

This helps in finding out to Categorize the exact service which is impacted .

On a larger scale senior management will have a track of all the affected services by taking stock of situation ,each configuration Item will have escalation points as well attached to ensure that they are in contact when needed .Hope this helps
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